Top 5 tips from your Bliss Bridal gang!

Updated: May 17, 2021

1. Only schedule one bridal appointment for the day!!! You don’t want to be rushed or feel overwhelmed on a decision process that should be fun and memorable!! One way to reduce stress of purchasing a dress is to give yourself 6 months to a year before your wedding!! The more time we have to help you find the perfect dress, the more options you have!

2. Consider what style of dress and wedding you envision! Take a scroll through Pinterest. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down the isle. Come in with some ideas, but don’t get stuck on a certain style! Be open minded!

3. Come in feeling your best! Do your hair and makeup! Get a good nights sleep, make sure you are hydrated and have ate something!! Bring nude colored undergarments to wear!

4. Don’t worry about the size of the gown!! We will never understand why designers make them 2-3 sizes smaller than they are marked!!! It can be discouraging if you focus too much on what the tag says! And TBH no one but you and the consultant even knows what that tag says!

5. Have fun! Enjoy your time! Bring only those who will love and support YOUR decision!!! It’s nice to have opinions, but ultimately it’s your day and your dress! Don’t be afraid to buy on your first shopping trip! If you’ve had a great experience and loved one, say YES! It’s ok! If you don’t find one, don’t get discouraged!!! “The dress” is out there!

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