It's ok to say " I don't know"

So, I don't know anything about blogging. What I do know is that when someone gets engaged, there are sooooo many questions. For instance; Congratulations, when's the big day? How many bridesmaids will you have? Where will the wedding be? Have you picked out your dress yet? and the list goes on and on....Even when you walk into the bridal boutique one of the first things we ask is, " Do you know what kind of dress you are looking for"? Some pull up pinterest and give us a run down of what they think they like and some say, I DON"T KNOW!! Which is completely fine. To all of the questions....Let's face it, there are so many options out there that how could you possibly know? After all, it is the most important piece of clothing you will ever buy!! So the point of this "blog" for all our brides out there is that it is absolutely ok to walk in and say "I don't know"! There is so many things we want you to here it goes!!

1.It is ok to leave negative Nancy(s) at home! If you have that one person that you love but she just sucks the fun right of you, then make it an intimate experience with just you and your mom or bff....It doesn't have to involve everyone AT before the MIL and bridesmaids throw daggers at me...I always suggest coming in and getting a smaller selection narrowed down. THEN...once that has happened, make an additional appointment to come in and show them your top 3 picks!! Sometimes we focus so much on making everyone else happy that we lose ourselves in the process. Ultimately it is your day and your decision.

2. It is ok to not know what you want! Heck, I am 100% certain that if I was in your shoes and I see 100's of dresses a day that I still wouldn't know what I would want. Be open minded, trust your consultant and just HAVE FUN! You should never be pushed to try something on OR buy something you aren't in love with. You don't want buyers remorse on this purchase.

3. It's ok to not know your budget or for that matter to even have one. We recommend you do and that you are up front with your consultant about it if that's that case. Why? We don't want to put you in dresses you can't afford. It's not fair to you and or us. We hate to see a bride put on a dress that she falls in love with that is out of her budget. Trust us, we feel as bad as you do...but it is 100% ok to set a hard line of what you are or aren't willing to spend.

4. It's ok to not have a date or to be a few years out from your wedding. If you are like me and like to have your T's crossed and your I's dotted, then by all means get the dress purchase out of the way. It may benefit you in the long run...for instance with our shop, it gives you extra time to pay on your layaway before you need to take it to the seamstress.

And is ok to walk out of a boutique without having said yes to a dress and it is also ok to buy one at the first place you shop. There are no rules! If you find the one that makes you cry, then girl go for it. We have a lot of brides with FOMO! We all do...the what if there is something better out there....but trust me when I say that if you are overwhelmed in a small bridal shop, one with 1000's of choices might just send right on over that edge!! Been there, done that. (I believe I went all the way to Chicago for a bridal gown.) As a boutique owner, I will always choose quality over quantity. I choose brands that stand behind their work and I choose to keep my price point reasonable.

Our promise to you is this. We will love you through the "I don't knows", the "I'm not sure if it's the one" or the "not for me" or the " I said yes to the dress." You can't take this to the bank, as a small business owner, I would rather you come in and shop local and buy from us...but if you don't....I'm still gonna be your friend and I would still give you my seamstresses phone number. I want you to be happy on the best day of your life.

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